Saturday, September 12, 2009

old dogs

On the one hand, old dogs have a hard time with new tricks, on the other, if they’re of a playful disposition, then sometimes they can surprise you.

Here's a photo of Ed, prior to dinner last night. Ironing. It would not shock me to learn that this was the first time he had ever held an iron.


The dinner itself was, of course, terrific fun – both to cook and to share. On the other hand, today was spent in the miserable company of dirty dishes, tired limbs and a great desire to not go to work at the little corner shop.

Ed and I took a walk by the lake just before I was due to join the retail world and truly, our pace was that of two very old dogs. He said it was my fault. I lagged behind.

Still, the summer weather continues energetically, as if it can’t get over its own wonderfulness. Take this one! And this! And another!

We watched others watching ducks. The water was murky, the sun hot, the air still.