Tuesday, March 08, 2011

smell of spring and color of ballet

How do you want the door to open in the bathroom?
Say what?
From the left, or from the right? Andy wants to know.
I’m not fussy about door directions.
In the new bathroom configuration, opening it to the right makes it awkward to enter.
Well then, it’s easy: to the left!
The light switch is on the other side.

So the light switch will have to be shifted. I hate creating this extra work for Ed, but to opt for the easier path is really to let go of this one opportunity to set the house in order.

I make decisions sometimes over the phone, sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly at all. Take the color of paint: bleached linen or ballet white? I can’t help but think that bleached linen sounds just so right! Farmhouse-like. Who wants to paint the walls a color called “ballet”? And yet, when I pull out the samples, tough guys like Andy and Ed, and more gentle types like my daughter point to “ballet white.”

So, ballet it is.

In the meantime, there is a flurry of activity in the condo selling department. And there is a packed week of teaching. And there is Spring Break, which plucks me out of Wisconsin, beginning Friday.

Things are rather hectic.

I take a stroll between classes for my usual espresso. I know daylight savings time is coming around this week-end. Surely the lake is nearly at the melting point?

DSC05886 - Version 2

No, not yet. But there is a bounce in the air. A spring smell perhaps. Lovely.

Ed, it’s International Women's Day today.
You’re kidding, right?
No, really. In Poland, men give their female occasional traveling companions flowers and gifts.
Is there an International Men’s Day?
I don’t think so...
Let me check: here it is! November 19th.
That's bogus. But if you want, I’ll give you flowers and chocolates on November 19th.
Don’t you dare.

Oh well. I didn’t really expect flowers or chocolates today.