Saturday, July 16, 2011

darn cat

Five in the morning. Thump. I wake up to the noise and think – are we having mice again? We thought we’d pushed them away, at least for the warmer months of summer. Can’t be mice. They don’t thump into things. I doze off, but five minutes later I wake up again. Standing at the foot of the bed is Isis.

How the hell did you get in? I ask. He doesn’t answer. Downstairs I see his strategy: he jumped up on the windowsill leading in from the porch and pushed in the screen. Isis!
I can’t sleep with him there, I tell Ed.
Oh come on, he’s just visiting.
...shedding cat hairs.
You want to throw him out? It’s raining. I don’t want to throw him out. But nor do I want him to be on the bed.
I roll over to the side and my leg bumps his small frame. He startles, jumps off and runs toward the door. Someone has to follow, as the farmhouse has no cat doors. I follow. Out he goes.

Well, the morning’s young. I can will myself back to sleep. Thump. What??? I thought I secured the screen. I go downstairs. Isis is on the sill, outside, trying to push the screen in. Thump again. Don’t do that! Oh, alright, come in. I’ll have to close this window in the future.

But what of our almost finished screened porch? If tomorrow, when it’s done, Isis finds no clear path inside (so as to get to his new entrance through the window), will he rip and shred the screen material? It’s supposed to withstand hurricane strength winds, but Isis is one forceful cat. He kills small critters for a hobby.

We eat breakfast on the porch. Isis is outside, but seeing us there, he comes meowing. Isis – there’s a panel still unscreened and open. Walk that way. Well, maybe not. I don’t want to teach you to walk that way because tomorrow there will be no more that way.

Oh, Isis...


The porch screening project is finished!


Or practically finished. Tiny openings still need to be mortared and the last of the wasps and yellow jackets need to be chased out, but that’s nothing compared to the mammoth job of building many tight screens for this place.


Thank you Ed.

And the lilies bloom and throw new colors outside, every day!



In other news – the temps are climbing. Nonetheless, I want to grill tonight. Chicken brats, corn, portabellas. With Sangria. We have ourselves a nice outdoor eating spot for the rest of the summer months!

DSC08375 - Version 2

My daughters and their friends are coming down to the farmhouse – the whole pack of them staying here until tomorrow. It’ll be a hot but jovial night indeed. Delightfully so.

Don't mess with the screens, Isis. Okay? Walk toward the door. Screens are for looking out. Watching the fireflies. And the bat show. That's a good cat! 

DSC08378 - Version 2