Friday, September 16, 2011

seasonal notes

As I get closer and closer to the super extra over and beyond duper busy months (October and November), I think about how utterly wonderful it is that after, it’ll slow down again for me. For a while. I look forward to that.

...even as I really love these months too. For example: in cleaning the farmhouse this morning, I had a chance to do some love-filled polishing. True, Ed didn’t notice. And Isis ignored my efforts, preferring to sit back up on the table to lick his fanny. But I noticed and it felt wonderfully decadent to have everything shiny bright ahead of the week-end (usually I clean on Sundays).

And here’s another piece of utter decadence. Ed took me out to dinner tonight. We don’t go out, the two of us. When we travel, yes, of course. But at the farmhouse, I cook. And most often, he eats. But, something moved us to return to Brasserie V today.

DSC08687 - Version 2

And so the days move forward. Toward the next season. And the next.

DSC08683 - Version 2