Monday, April 16, 2012

in the wind

I’m back in the car. Driving the red hot lover. Just to give you an idea – we started the day with mid fifties and proceeded downwards. I had an early morning appointment and I swear, in the time of the drive, I felt like I had gone from spring to something other than spring.

There have been wind warnings. Correct predictions this time.

When I was getting out of the car, the red hot lover’s door swung slightly out (the wind!) and touched the great big SUV in the parking space next to mine. The driver was enraged. We studied carefully his black monster car and, satisfied that I hadn’t ripped it to shreds, he stalked off.

The wind scattered branches everywhere. A ripped tree on Old Middleton Road. Bascom Hill littered. Here’s a photo, from my office window (because it’s Monday, I'm hiding here for the day). Picking up fallen twigs.


Gales and gusts. Heard at night, continuing through the morning.
Are you taking the tomatoes outdoors for their constitutional? – I ask Ed before I leave in the morning. It seems so cold...
They haven’t been out for two days now... Ah, restless tomatoes. Maybe for an hour?
Who knows how to treat this delicate set of veggie infants...

The winds blows the petals down from the old crab. Ed tells me – take a picture, it looks like snow! Well yes, maybe, but snow of any kind – petal or otherwise – in April, feels seasonally misplaced.

But pretty. In a windy and cold sort of way.


No trees planted today, no progress anywhere at all. Reheated supper foods, windows closed inside, waiting for the wind to die down.

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  1. I did see on the national weather map that Wisconin was to get some bad weather. My friend live in Des Moines and there was damage there, as well. Don't much like these tornadoes et al.

    Are you sure that flowering tree is a crab? We have a crab out front that leafs out first and then blooms later in the spring by a few weeks. Could it be a cherry tree? We have those trees all over our streets here that are the first to bloom out like yours and then drop the blooms all around like snow.


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