Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Can I interest you in admiring some more humming birds? This time I didn’t even leave the porch. Hence the quality of the photos.

DSC02345 - Version 2

(I mean, you need only compare that to a photo of breakfast -- taken inside the screened space...)

DSC02343 - Version 2

One more time, though. The feisty humming bird:

DSC02348 - Version 2

It was a silly day, actually. Ed and I both stayed on the porch for a very long while. I had purchased something many, many weeks ago, to wear for my daughter’s wedding and I never bothered taking it out of the box, let alone trying it on for size. Today I did both and it’s fair to say that it was very difficult to breathe with that thing zipped up to the top. So suddenly I have the classic complaint – I have nothing to wear.

I searched the Internet for appropriate attire of the MoB (mother of the bride).

Ed suggested a t-shirt with a handpainted sign – something to the effect of “I am the happy mother.” I said no. And I dared ask if he maybe wanted me to rent him a suit for the occasion. I got a clear and very unambiguous answer to that one. I would not be surprised if he himself wore a t-shirt that said “I am the happy mother.” He does not much pay attention to the lettering on t-shirts.

In the late afternoon we finally made our way to Woodman’s, Madison’s most unpleasant grocery hangar and Walmart’s, the world’s most unpleasant store of any kind. It had to be done. I tried to speed through both, but that’s not easy. Ed gets distracted by such things as pink tennis balls. They support cancer research, I tell him. At 2 cents per container of balls? Very generous. We buy them anyway.

At Walmart’s, we also look for the free blood pressure measuring device. We each take turns measuring our blood pressure. The trick is to do it enough times until you get a result you really can be proud of.  It took Ed only three times and it took me four. I attribute it to my recently poor lifestyle habits – the ones that have accompanied me through out this writing frenzy. I am not surprised that writers never look especially healthy.

At home, I reheat the chili and I make a fresh salad and Ed bikes (because it’s Wednesday) and I think -- even in this holding pattern, where it’s not quiet yet time to work, but it’s no longer a free summer, where the weather is still very warm, but the mornings are cool, fall-like almost, where I’m one foot here and the other there -- even in this time, life remains very, very good.