Thursday, October 11, 2012


When I think the semester is especially difficult, I count the number of Thursdays remaining and I feel better. All days pale as compared to the crazy fullness of this day.

And it didn't get off to a rollicking start today. Everyone has mornings like this, I'm sure. Unresolved topics that need more discussion time at home, too few hours of fitful sleep, a little bit of this, a little bit of that -- it all adds up. Typically I give myself a pep talk before I begin teaching. I think about what I will say and how I will say it. I encourage myself. Really. Today, my pep talk consisted of telling myself that I better snap to it or else. It was more of a threat than an encouragement.

If you're thinking -- well, at least there was that delightful breakfast, I'll note -- eh. It was dark. It was rushed. It was Thursday.

DSC00528 - Version 2

But here's a Thursday high: I finessed my new office. I know, I know -- a silly play of moving this piece in, this piece out, but here's the final product:

DSC00530 - Version 2

Ah, for the first time I look around me and I think -- how pretty my work environment is right now!

At home, I make cabbage soup.

DSC00533 - Version 2

Not a delicacy, I know, but it's what I think describes the day. Simple, not spectacular, find a way to warm the insides, find a way to be happy, even with a difficult day.