Sunday, October 28, 2012

sun, moon and some stuff in-between

In the cold season, we follow the sun. Inside, outside -- where it goes, we go. We had set up a breakfast room in the east room, because that was the brightest in the morning. But today, we notice the angle is not right anymore. So we flip furniture. My desk in now by the less sunny spot, the breakfast nook is in a new place, by the sunniest (at this point) window.

DSC00767 - Version 2

Will we move it again? Whatever it takes. Nothing beats a breakfast bathed in light.

DSC00766 - Version 2

The land outside was curiously darkened and lightened by swaths of light and shade. Different yesterday, different from tomorrow. Shade, sun -- they're not stable, not by a long shot.

DSC00771 - Version 2

There are spots that see full sun in one season and no sun in another.

DSC00773 - Version 2

It's all very intriguing and it keeps me amused even if there isn't another source of amusement today. It's a full blown workday and there isn't much else to it.  Well, there's Isis.

DSC00774 - Version 2

And Ed -- who continues to love to interrupt me, tempt me, entice me with ideas that I then have to turn down.

In the evening, we do have a spell of pleasure. My daughter and her husband are again at the farmhouse for dinner.

DSC00786 - Version 2

There's a full moon out tonight. You know that. The whole eastern seaboard knows that. But here, the moonbeams are radiant and uplifting and it's hard to imagine that elsewhere, they may be (indirectly) lifting bodies of sea water to higher levels.

 DSC00782 - Version 2

This full moon is called the Hunter's Moon and if you stand outside long enough at the farmette, you'll hear the shotgun go off in the distance.

DSC00777 - Version 2

October is always one of my toughest months at work. This year is no different. On the upside, by midweek, it will be November.