Monday, February 25, 2013


For a good part of the day I thought the best I could do today, indeed, the only thing that I could post about today would be breakfast. Such as it was.

DSC00176 - Version 2

Because  immediately after that, I had dental appointment number two (out of the needed three, all in the matter of one tooth). For which I allocated an hour. It took three hours. Three hours! For no good reason, except that things moved rather slowly in that office today. Very slowly.

After, it was a gallop to get to work on time and then of course I was terribly behind with everything and it was in that frenzied set of hours that I thought -- what the hell. It'll be about breakfast.

I came home as the sun disappeared to the west. Ed was winding down his engineering project and he was ready for a break. Want to make ginger ale from scratch?
Make it -- okay. Drink it -- no.
Too much sugar! I say as he reads off the ingredients.
We can cut the sugar in half. Or more...
Then it becomes ginger, water and lemon.

It's not a big undertaking. I grate some ginger, twist out a bit of lemon juice and Ed throws it together with yeast and (a decreased amount of) sugar and water.

DSC00182 - Version 3

Outcome? Ask me in 24 hours. I cannot imagine it to be anything but strange and yet it is very calming to be finishing the day with making something so inconsequential as ginger ale.

Dinner is not a worry: we have plenty of leftovers. Leftover chicken soup. Leftover beans and shrimp. And a fresh salad and then a freshly roasted whole head of cauliflower because sometimes, you just crave cauliflower. And of course, you crave it all the more when you read in the paper that this very diet of foods, foods that you love more than nearly any other foods on the planet are what the world calls the Mediterranean diet and BTW it's good for you!

So, our supper of leftovers...

DSC00186 - Version 2

... on this otherwise tedious and only in rare flashes delightfully playful day.