Saturday, August 31, 2013

is it Saturday?

I think of days like this as one picture days: the entirety can be summarized in one shot, one sentence, one thought. At least at the level of the blog. And although I intend to post six  photos here tonight, it doesn't matter -- they're all within a framework of one idea: I worked most of the hours of the day and those hours of work really did define my day.

And if you don't think work is necessarily numbing of your creative edge (we all have a creative edge), try writing a post about a day that is jam-packed with work.

So yes, here we go, the breakfast.

DSC00242 - Version 2

The flowers (there'll be fewer and fewer of these as we move into September).

DSC00264 - Version 2

The work station.

DSC00262 - Version 2

And a quick trip to visit Goldie -- the cat at my daughter's place. Here, Goldie is asking, impatiently -- where were you?

DSC00251 - Version 2

And here, she's ready for her close up.

DSC00261 - Version 2

There was dinner of course. I almost had no choice but to make chili. Too many tomatoes that need attention right away. Some aren't good enough for freezing, but, cut away the not so good parts - and you have a splendid addition to a pot of chili (for example).

Now, if you wanted to probe, I'd tell you more: worries about work, about traveling with my increasingly reluctant traveling companion (so, from OTC to IRTC, though I should add -- it's IRCT only insofar as we're talking about revisiting my continent of birth), about health, wealth and clutter on the counter tops at the farmhouse. All that, if you just scratch a tad below the surface.

But in the end, when all is summed up, processed, reviewed, I remain with the image of a one picture day. Only one that survives. That deserves attention. Which one? How about this -- from Farmer Lee's fields. Because it takes me out of my own world and puts me into the lot of someone else. Which is a good thing.