Tuesday, November 05, 2013


It's raining work hours on me today. We wanted to do an early run for apples this morning (to the nearby orchard). Didn't do it. I couldn't spare the time.

Early, very early the phone woke us. A raspy male voice comes on: can we deliver wood chips now? We're on the list of one tree trimming company, and one utilities company for deliveries of their  chipped trees and branches. Both called today promising truckloads of chips. Two huge truckloads???

If I said we were done with rebuilding the raspberry field (it's no longer just a patch) I was wrong. With all those chips, we have weeks of work ahead of us.

Oh! Here's the first truckload. (By the way, if you can accommodate a truckload, this is the best way to get free chips -- put yourself on the lists of companies that are in the business of pruning trees.)

DSC01600 - Version 2

Yes, there'll be a lot hauling in the days ahead. 

But not today. We follow the more ordinary pattern of a Tuesday:


DSC01586 - Version 2

Then work. There is a brief shudder of sunlight and I am so thrilled to see it take hold of the thorn-apple tree that I run out, only to watch it disappear. Last bits of it here:

DSC01590 - Version 2

DSC01598 - Version 2

And now it's back to a dense cloud cover.

And so long as we're reflecting on the last bits of anything, let me one more time (a last time, for sure) give a nod to the last of the show offs. Blooming away, in November.

DSC01597 - Version 2

But let's get back to the reality of a rainy (in the end) day. No rosie ride to work. Car time. WIth a walk through the city streets just to campus and then, after long lecture hours, back to the garage. Oh! It's raining and dark now? Uff...

 DSC01601 - Version 2

A run to pick up take-out, then home. What a gift to be home now! To forget about the wet night outside. It's raining sweet drops of pleasure! Home. Farmhouse home. Mmmmmm....