Friday, November 08, 2013


When Ed suggests a game and a dinner for tonight (UW women's volleyball --  free tickets, but still...) -- I say sure! The day is starting to look fine indeed.

DSC01673 - Version 2

And then the usual happens: long hours of reading and  an afternoon of hefty digging up shrubs and weeds in the raspberry fields, and evening comes and I get tired.

DSC01681 - Version 2

DSC01680 - Version 2

And I have to wonder how it is that people regularly go out at night for social functions.When the sun sets, I like to retreat home.

Still, on this night, we mobilize our energies and head out. To sit at the bar of Brasserie V and eat moulles frites (mussels and fries). The waiter comments that the last time we were here we sat in the same place and ordered the same thing...

DSC01687 - Version 2

Well now. We're predictable.

Then onto the game.

It's the third time that Ed and I have sat on the hard benches and watched Badger volley ball. And each time, Ed cares only about good plays and I care deeply about our home team winning and this time it is far far too close and so we walk out before we can witness someone lose.

DSC01696 - Version 2

...and the band plays on.

DSC01695 - Version 2

Beautiful. (Even if I do read later that our team lost.)