Wednesday, December 18, 2013

winter day

A poem written to memorialize it, a dinner invitation, messages, emails, cards, comments here on Ocean. Then the student thank yous. Unexpectedly. Gifts. Flowers. Beautiful notes. Wow. How can people be this nice?

DSC02242 - Version 2

Who knew that retirement would be this... emotionally charged?

Winter sunrise. (From the bedroom window again. How convenient that one doesn't have to step out to take in its beauty!)

DSC02234 - Version 2

 Breakfast. (And yes, I'm responsible for shaving that beard off. He had grown quite the Santa stuff in the time I was away.)

DSC02239 - Version 2

And a fairly pretty winter day in Wisconsin. But, I'm still attending to things. Perhaps I will always be "just" attending to things, but I do have to say that today, I accomplished much that needed to be done.

An office visit (producing these flowers that you see in the first photo) and errands in every direction and so it isn't until after 4 when I finally pull into the farmette driveway.

It really has gotten to be too late to ski. (The sunset, over the farmette.)

DSC02246 - Version 2

But a walk? Can we do a walk?

Yes. (In the same Lake Farm park where we so often ski, just two minutes east of us.)

DSC02253 - Version 2

DSC02256 - Version 2

DSC02259 - Version 2

Then home. Isis comes to the door as we come in and his loud meow is full of accusation. Where have you been?
It's dinner time. He gets leftovers, we get leftovers. Satisfied, he goes right back to bed. Ed plays volley ball. I sit down to post.