Thursday, January 09, 2014


I love seasons. I do. I'm one of the few that didn't even especially mind the polar vortex! But I do think that during winter, I simply forget (in other words block) how heavenly is to live more or less outdoors: to take the computer to a deck or porch, to walk on a whim, without coat, fuss or bother, to go in, go out, go in, go out all day long.

So of course, with my friend down south, by the sea, I am luxuriating in the effortlessness of slipping out early in the morning, to catch the overcast but warm air. A snapshopt from that: in the lagoon, a bird on a rope:


And then my friend and I eat breakfast...


And after, we both go out and this time we take a seaside path...


And we spend a considerable amount of time watching the birds, always a vaudeville show of hilarity and charm...





...and then turn around and return, ankle deep in water.

I mean, it's heaven to a starved for warm air soul. Even as I do love Wisconsin! All season! I do!

But it is great to be here for this interlude in Florida.

Not many words today -- no time left in the day for that. But I will take you back to the sea as I walk yet again, for miles (my friend has to work), from lunch until sunset. Here are pieces of that walk, to keep us all warm until spring:








In the evening, my friend cooks dinner at home and it's all such luxury because I do nothing at all (except continue to try to learn Lightroom5, resulting in a corruption of all my flicker/lightroom photos -- sorry evening Ocean readers! --  but this is the way it is when you learn new things: you stumble).

A huge thanks to these guys for hosting me here for this heavenly spell in their beautiful little white house by the sea:


Tomorrow morning I fly back to Wisconsin.