Monday, July 20, 2015


We continue to take each day as it comes. (As if one could do otherwise!) Take this Monday, for example. It was once an uncomplicated day of the week. But Ed and I have let go of the pretense that anything is predictable and tried and true. And so this is our Monday:

I walk the garden to clip flowers for the breakfast table. (That's predictable!)


And our house guests join us for a breakfast on the porch.


The day is warm, but gray. From Snowdrop's point of view, that's just fine. That little girl does not like a bright sun beating down on her and who can blame her!  And so I am grateful for the cloud cover because this morning, I am filling in for her mom and taking the little one to her swim class at the neighborhood pool.

(am I going swimming??)

Now, Snowdrop loves water. But the pool presents its own challenges and so you could say that she is more cautious here.

But, her teacher is friendly and encouraging...

(do I like this? I don't know...)

And slowly I get the little girl into the water...


And then over to the deeper water, where she gives a few kicks, almost imitating the bigger kids in the class. Well, almost. What she really wants is to spend more time with the plastic bucket. Sitting in shallow water and attempting to chew it is, for her, a highlight.

For me, a highlight is seeing her feel comfortable in water, but I have a second treat too -- I have a chance to meet up with someone quite dear to me -- this blogger from Denmark who takes her boys swimming to this same pool during her summer visit to Madison. It truly is grand to finally have a conversation that is not via email and Snowdrop exhibits the utmost patience after class while Regan and I catch up a bit.

We beat the rain on our walk back to Snowdrop's home, but it surely would not matter if we the rain soaked us thoroughly. We already are wet to the core.

farmette life-1.jpg
(I need a nap now!)

For the rest of the afternoon I am with Snowdrop and that's just lovely, of course.

farmette life-4.jpg
(Goldie, will you play with me?)

She displays her indomitable spirit and I am, as ever, in awe of it.

farmette life-12.jpg
(are you doing one of those self timer things, grandma?)

In the evening, Ed comes home after a "day at the office." We make pizzas at the farmhouse. Ed's friends share in the efforts and we avoid setting the place on fire, though with pizza making, one can come awfully close...

Monday, Monday...


  1. Snowdrop certainly enjoys her bath... wait til she figures out that she can move around in the pool just like the big kids! Hmmm... crawling is a swim stroke too.

  2. I smiled at the tilt of her head, looking at the cat.

    Ah, Snowdrop moments - make everything all right.


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