Friday, January 16, 2015


There are messes around me. In the barn, the cheepers are malting (that would be moulting!:) ). It would seem to me to be a bad idea to shed feathers in the dead of winter, but there are feathers everywhere. And of course, since they are now staying exclusively in the barn or coop, their own messes are much more contained and, therefore, evident. I see a huge spring cleaning there awaiting us.

Too, there are messes in the farmhouse. Every item purchased for Snowdrop's future visits came well packaged and so we have styrofoam and massive sheets of cardboard everywhere, waiting for some decision from higher up as to how best to dispose of them.

All this makes me uneasy. I like order. Ed will tell you that I can't live with disorder. I am restless until all the clutter is gone.

Much of this day is reminiscent of yesterday, only without the sunshine. Appointments, errands and Snowdrop care.

Normally, I'd jump from breakfast...

little S-4.jpg contemplating the beauty of the land around me, but honestly, after yesterday's brilliantly sun-drenched landscape, things appear rather somber today, so I'll take you straight to the cheepers, because I know some of you have missed them. Here they are in their rather scrappy mode:

little S-10.jpg

And from there, I'll sail over to little Snowdrop who never ever disappoints!

little S-14.jpg

She is dressed today for visitors that will come later, but of course, she radiates from within, even when she is sleeping. (Oh! She matches my own shirt!)

little S-16.jpg

At the day's end, I leave her in the arms of her mom, give a hearty wave and head home.

little S-33.jpg

At the farmette, the clouds clear and the sun sets in lovely pink tones over the layer of snow.

little S-36.jpg

I note, with great satisfaction, that little Snowdrop's corner in the front room of the farmhouse is ready for her .

little S-1.jpg

Yes, there is clutter in the mudroom, but there's order in the front room and pink light on the snow outside. Life is so balanced! And beautiful.