Saturday, September 02, 2017

work day

Two months of a significant mosquito population at the farmette may not have stood in the way of day lily maintenance, but it most certainly gave me the excuse (was I looking for one?) to neglect much of the rest of the yard.

farmette life-1.jpg

(By the way, there are still late lilies blooming... and late frogies snuggled in the fading blooms...)

farmette life-13.jpg

Today, a somewhat cool and cloudy day, is the day to finally do some weeding -- in flower beds, pathways, and in places where the camera never goes -- like along the face of the farmhouse, where a vinca minor and a lily of the valley crop covers an uninteresting terrain. Significant weeds have crept into every corner of the farmette. Time to dig in.

And so right after a very cool breakfast (sweatshirt weather!)...

farmette life-5.jpg

I attack the invasives, while Ed picks up the power saw to cut down a tree that had fallen during one of our summer storms.

There is a lot of beauty in these early autumnal months. The yard is different, yes, of course...

farmette life-23.jpg

But it still has sparkle and color. And so I give it an all out effort. Scotch and Henny keep me company. (Java is yet again "roosting" on nonexistent eggs.)

farmette life-19.jpg

Snipping, digging, pulling, all the way into the afternoon.

(The front bed: so lovely in its pinkishenss!)

farmette life-24.jpg

Wait -- is that all I do today? Snip dig and pull? Seriously? That's it?

Of course not. Ed and I make one final run to Stoneman's for their corn. They held a dozen ears for us -- a dozen prized delicious ears.  (This is the very last stack for the year...)

farmette life-9.jpg

(Ed sits down and visits with their pygmy goats... Should we take in a couple of these small lovable animals ourselves? The recurring question: what animals might we take care of at the farmette?)

farmette life-8.jpg

A full day, don't you think?