Monday, December 18, 2017

tidying up

A wagging finger follows me all morning long: what's this pile all about? -- asks the voice behind it. Wag, wag, wag, right in the direction of my small, very small kitchen stack of papers and magazines.
Papers and magazines. Where should they go?
Just saying. Surfaces, brimming with stuff!

All this because I nudged Ed to clear the mud room bench of his own piles in anticipation of the holidays. And when I set a deadline and only half the bench was cleared, I dumped the rest out on the porch.

But that wagging finger... and this? by the little TV? Wag, wag, wag... -- it leads me to now attack piles of stuff that I had once believed were essential to my existence. out goes everything!

The farmhouse grows tidier by the minute.

It's a morning for finishing up clearing and cleaning. And ribboning and tagging. And when all that is done, I get really ambitious! I paint the rooms.

(Caught in the act!)

farmette life (3 of 8).jpg

I should correct that: I do not paint every wall in each and every room. But remember when some two years ago I touched up smudges and cracks and crevices with what turned out to be very glossy paint (even as our walls are matte)? Well, I have been meaning to correct these garish splashes of shine. Today, I finally did it. The smile of success!

farmette life (5 of 8).jpg

All this of course after a morning visit with the kittens in the barn (still four, still hungry, still eager to eat what I give them) and after eating breakfast with Ed. Let's just showcase the breakfast flowers.  Ed himself looks too discombobulated to be included in the photo.

farmette life (1 of 3).jpg

And in the afternoon, I pick up Snowdrop.

It's a bit of a special day, as her mom cuts out in the late afternoon to join us at the Olbrich Gardens. There, a room has been dedicated to a toy train set up, where two electric trains scoot this way and that, amidst poinsettas and other potted flowers.

farmette life (14 of 62).jpg

Perhaps as exciting for Snowdrop are the rooms just across the hall, where she can explore the permanent collection of tropical plants.

farmette life (20 of 62).jpg

farmette life (31 of 62).jpg

When we leave, we are treated to a glorious sunset just across the lake.

farmette life (42 of 62).jpg

Late into the evening, I linger at Snowdrop's home for a while...

farmette life (44 of 62).jpg

It's festive, she's festive and so very delighted to have us both there.

farmette life (48 of 62).jpg

A snuggle with mommy is always in the offering!

farmette life (56 of 62).jpg

Toward the end of the evening, she shows off her newest delight at home: a few dance steps on the arm rest of an old chair.

farmette life (59 of 62).jpg

It's not possible not to be charmed by her antics.

I drive home listening to grand seasonal music, smiling all the way.