Saturday, September 24, 2016


I say to Ed -- I need a very expensive haircut.
You're gorgeous, gorgeous!
That was before I got the damn plant with the pernicious seeds tangled in my hair! Now I'm a shaggy mess!

From that brief exchange, you may be able to tell that I worked in the yard. It's not that there were no bugs, but it seemed to me that they are packing their bags and retreating, because I could work for many hours and not be too bothered by them.

And work I did!

Right after breakfast.

farmette life-3.jpg

If I need a haircut after my efforts, the yard needed something much more draconian before I got out my plant snipper. Some parts (those visible to anyone coming through for a visit) had been "cosmetically maintained" by me even through the worst of the mosquito season...

farmette life-6.jpg

But plunge more deeply into the beds and there is chaos. And a lot of spent blooms that should have been removed weeks ago.

So I worked and miraculously, the basic maintenance did not take forever -- just most of the day. I still have a winter prep to do and of course, the raspberries need a sheering, but really, things aren't too bad out there right now.

(Oh, the faithful nasturtium! No wonder Monet was so drawn to it!)

farmette life-4.jpg

(And the loyal day lily...)

farmette life-5.jpg

(It's always good to consider how it all hangs together, even now, in the Fall season.)

farmette life-8.jpg

In the evening, I make pizza again.

And if you think that means Snowdrop was here...

farmette life-5-2.jpg

... you're right -- she was here and indeed is still here, as I invited her for a sleepover at the farmhouse.

farmette life-7-2.jpg


farmette life-9-2.jpg

(For dessert -- strawberries! -- I try out her new "restaurant high chair..." She's outgrowing her infant high chair. Time to sit her at the table.)

farmette life-23.jpg

(We go out in the dark to help grandpa Ed put away the cheepers.)

farmette life-28.jpg

But shhhh now! Talk quietly so that the little one does not wake up until some late hour tomorrow! Shhh!

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  1. Your flowers are still gorgeous! Love the view with willow background and bright pink foreground.


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